About The Green Shanny Foundation

The Hills are Alive

The Green Shanny Foundation’s mission is to promote the development of young environmental leaders, to facilitate programs that educate individuals, schools, and corporations on the development of environmentally sustainable programs, and furthermore to support green energy and alternative transportation throughout the global community.
The Green Shanny Foundation was founded in 2009 by family and friends of environmentalist Shannon Harps in an effort to carry on her legacy. Shannon was a Sierra Club activist who organized events that were instrumental in growing the Sierra Student Coalition Northwest and the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement in Seattle, Washington. She felt strongly about green energy and worked tirelessly to find alternative transportation solutions that would minimize our nation’s carbon footprint. Not only did Shannon work effectively to influence public policy regarding environmental issues, but she also encouraged those of us close to her to make changes in our own lives that demonstrated our commitment to a sustainable world community. She lived her life according to the principles she espoused–a rare person who “walked her talk”. It is this legacy that we are pursuing through the Green Shanny Foundation. We are all challenged–individuals, organizations, and nations to embody Shannon’s environmental commitment to a sustainable world in our own lives.

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